之前觉得自己玩CJ,玩shareasale 还挺溜的,遇到上面一个人,和一篇文章之后,整个人都不好了...


这个人在我看来是真正的Affiliate 大牛

他来自美国,现在常住在马来西亚,问他为什么不把办公室设在中国,他说中国的VPN 太shit,他受不了....





I learn to have freedom to travel and meet people and keep business running without being stuck in the same office every day.




这篇文章是我在BHT上看到的,提问的人问,“谁是Facebook 流量的最大购买者”




We are not biggest but we inject the most ads into their site.

Whistleblower. I want to tell you the truth about my ad injection company.

My company is building apps that are in your app store and we auto-emable them on users and over time insert ourselves into those computers then inject ads and other tools.

I am a whisteblower. My company injects ads, monitor user behaviour, cheat affilaite system etc to make money.

The company name is Sterkly and Revizer. You may also knows us as Sambreel. We got sued by Facebook in 2011.

Please read this email.

I am going to give you secrets today that can get me fired and also hurt physically.

I am scared so I will no tell you my name.

The company is Revizer from Israel which merged with Sterkly from USA to form another entity named Avantis.

The company and it's partners have made millions without anyone knowing.

My ex company is the underbelly of dark site of internet abuse..

We are so good, we have fooled Yahoo, Microsoft, Google, Amazon, facebook and every anti-virus companies.

The company leaders have even tried to bribe Microsoft and anti-virus company officers.

In Facebook we inject ads to make revenue.

They wont be able to trace it back to Sterkly as we have shell companies that hide our tracks.

We also track users so we know where your users are browsing and sell that data to RTB networks and data gathering companies. Its easy money and you never find out.

That traffic is high quality and we make lot of money from it.

Not everyone in my company knows about this as its a secret.

I am one of the few that know.


  • Ad injection - we insert ads into white spaces in a browser and match it to look like the site
  • Pop-under - easy money
  • Pop-Up - easy money. Good for distributing pc and virus products that annoy you till you call the call center or buy it online.
  • White space ads on Facebook
  • Search injection into Google Bing and Yahoo. We make our listing look just like theirs and we make millions from this.
  • Selling user browsing data to 3rd parties. This is easy as we track all users.
  • Blocking Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer functions. They update their product to stop us so we inject software to disable updates and so we can keep the user for long time.
  • Stuffing computers with affiliate links to earn money. We use this with Ebay, Amazon and many large ecommerce companies.
  • Auto-enabling our ad units without user's consents. We do installs of our software with companies below. The software we installs looks innocent, but after we get into the network, we change the file and now can install on a computer withou user consent.


  • We made a lot of money from the list above.
  • We became clients of large install companies in Israel to gain installs from Adult, Movie, File Sharing, Image and MP3 download sites. Its easy to get millions of users from here.
  • We also know how to get good traffic. We have tools that we give to other companies that will inject into Google search results, Yahoo search results, and Bing.
  • Also, some of our partners inject into Online Shopping for Electronics, Apparel, Computers, Books, DVDs & more, Newegg and others.
  • The best customers are easily from Facebook. We inject hidden links and ads into their pages. We made it look like facebook, so user's never knew. They clicked and we made millions.

The company leaders below push us to make aggressive products that hack.

  • we are congratulated when we hack someone like you or Apple.

Sterkly Founder and CEO Markus:

  • he is a smart guy and has been in injection ads for long time
  • he made millions doing this

Revizer CMO:

  • Tom Zakheym | Facebook


  • He is the brains behind most of my companies products. He thinks of new hacks all day to make money.
  • Tom is on cocaine or pot everynight but someone comes to work and works hard.
  • He comes up with ideas on how to hack and built products that we can inject into all day.
  • He throws parties in USA for all his partners that make him money. I am too low to be sent there, but other team members talk about the crazy parties in Vegas.
  • He worked in porn industry before, so he has lots of connections there to adult sites to get installs.

New Company: http://www.linkedin.com/company/.... This article talk about the acquistion: Software developer ad co Revizer raises $20m - Globes English


  • We have companies in various islands, so that no one can touch us.
  • We have shell companies we make when we want to.
  • Sterkly is secretly giving us more ad technology so that we make more money.
  • We attend tradeshows, finance groups so that we look good and get away with it all.

Clients who work with Sterkly, Revizer or Avantis (whatever you want to call it).

  • Perion
  • 50onRed
  • Crossrider
  • Cnet's Free Software, Apps, Downloads, and Reviews
  • OpenCandy
  • Advertise.com | Online Advertising Network | Ad Network
  • Superfish- yes the company that hacked Lenovo (Lenovo Only Made Up To $250,000 From Nightmare Superfish Deal, Say Sources)
  • Dealply
  • Revenue Wire
  • Aedgency
  • Webpick- lots of adult traffic that CEO loved
  • Bittorrent
  • Matomy Media


  • I am sick of it.
  • I show little kids ads to download games so that without their parents know we inject ads
  • I fool less computer knowledge people like old folks to install our stuff
  • I helped hack Facebook, Google, Apple either direclty or supported them
  • This company is making too much money, they need to be legally stopped.




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